Friday, July 11, 2008

Quality time

My first official post on manners...It was my husband's suggestion because of previous experiences; let me explain.

When you have planned to spend time with someone, they are expecting to have your attention. Many things can and do happen that distract, emergencies, etc., but there have been times when I have gone to my husband's work to pick him up for an arranged lunch date and I have been on the phone with a friend having a casual conversation, and stayed on the phone while my husband was driving in the car expecting to spend time with me. Because he is my husband, he has overlooked it. In retrospect, I should practice my best manners for my beloved.

When spending time with someone, if you must be on the phone, tell the person whom you are with that you are dealing with unfinished business, that you will be right with them, and that you are sorry for the delay. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and I am by no means perfect at this (which is why my sweet husband probably suggested it be my first lesson.....I mean post). I was in a situation just recently having a meaningful conversation with someone and when they received a phone call, they didn't even glance at it, but simply silenced their phone and continued on...what respect!

I think this same rule applies to the text message. It's a blessing and a curse. We can say a lot of things comfortably, we can expedite conversations, but we may also lose the person's tone of voice, their inflections, their meaning; not to mention that we can carry on a conversation with one person while spending time with someone else which can be hurtful and rude to the person who's company we are keeping.

Love the one you're with. If you must text an urgent or quick message when you're in someone else's company, excuse yourself verbally so that the person whom you are physically with knows you are thinking of them, OR excuse yourself to another room and send a text message to let the other person know you'll get back to them later.


Stephanie said...

Yes, I could learn from this one. Being on the computer just before dinner and Eric would like some "time" and he only has half my attention. Thanks for the reminder. It can only help us all do better! : )

Jennifer said...

This is so true! Jason is so very offended by my addiction to my crackberry! Thanks for the kind advice! xoxo